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Misleadinform-300_0Normally, I talk about the Second Amendment or something that is related to the Second Amendment.  With this post, I want to change it up a little.  There is something that has been bothering me for some time.  What is bothering me is there is an industrial solvent that needs to be controlled and regulated.  This solvent dihydric oxide is a highly dangerous chemical that that can cause death upon inhalation.  Prolonged exposure to it as a liquid causes tissue damage.  In its gaseous state, it can cause severe burns and even death.  When dihydric oxide is in the crystalline form it numbs exposed tissues and prolonged exposure can result in localized death of the tissue.  Extreme exposure to this solvent in any form can result in the death of the victim exposed.  You may know this common industrial solvent by its other name Water or H20.

That last paragraph was to illustrate a point.  That point is depending on the narrative anything can be made to look as if it needs to be controlled, regulated, or banned.  The anti-gun groups are working to control this narrative to showcase firearms as being this highly dangerous threat that should never be in the hands of the citizens of this country.  They portray these firearms as instruments of death and destruction and just by being around them you are in danger.disinformation

The fact is firearms when handled properly are inherently safe and actually pose less of a threat than many tools used in the home. The lifetime odds of being shot in an assault by a firearm are 1 in 315 and the odds of dying in a mass murder are 1 in 11,125.  When we look at the odds of dying in a motor vehicle incident we that they are 1 in 108, death by influenza, and pneumonia is 1 in 72.  When we look at the odds in this manner we see that guns are less of a threat than automobiles.  These statistics are from 2015 and show that the “epidemic” of gun violence is grossly over-exaggerated by those wishing to ban or regulate guns.

The current narration by the anti-gun people is that guns are the leading cause of death and that these instruments of death are a public threat and only police and military should ever have these weapons.  The other thing is the AR-15 and guns like it (military style) are responsible for the majority of deaths that are caused by gun violence.murder-chalk-outline  The statistics are not available for gun deaths by military-style weapons but we do know that it must be significantly less than 1 in 315.

Like I demonstrated earlier depending on how the narrative is presented anything can be made to look as if it is so dangerous that it should be controlled, regulated, or banned.  We have to educate ourselves about the truth and not rely on others to do our research for us.  With the amount of misinformation on both sides, the odds of you receiving accurate information are extremely slim.  You have to find the information yourself and verify what you are receiving is accurate and not an exaggeration.

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