Gun control and the 2nd Amendment

Mass shootings and gun control

In the past few years, there have been a lot of mass shootings in the United States.  Every one of them has ignited afresh the debate on whether or not to further restrict the sale and use of firearms of various types in this country.

2nd Amendment

The Second Amendment and its history

There are probably no more contested words today than those quoted above, and no more misunderstood and misapplied.  This article lacks the scope to explore all of the Amendments and their histories, therefore we will focus on the Second Amendment.



In light of recent events, a lot of parents are scared of what could happen to their children when they cannot be there to protect them.

Constitution Flag

Carl is a Veteran

Let this Memorial Day be a call to action for all veterans and non-veterans alike. If you believe in our Constitution and the Bill of Rights, we must unite peacefully and use our First Amendment rights in our protection of the Second Amendment.

Community Unification

Be a Protector not an Aggressor

If we approach with understanding and genuinely listen to their fears and concerns and address those in a calm, non-threatening manner they will be more likely to listen and more open to understanding.

Michael Montpetit

Mike is a Candidate for Sheriff

As I prepare to write this article today, I am overcome with sadness, as I struggle to understand how pure, unadulterated evil has once again permeated the hearts and souls of, not one, but two more teenagers in America causing them to take guns to school with murderous intentions.

Red Flag Laws

The “Red Flag” is a “False Flag”

This type of law has become known as a “red flag” law and while they might seem like a good idea on the surface, once you examine the unconstitutional effects they will have on law-abiding citizens, you will quickly determine they are actually very bad laws that could easily be abused!