What a Difference a Day Makes

What a difference a day makes.

On Sunday, April 22nd, a maniac with a gun, shot up the Waffle House in Nashville TN. Understandably, people throughout America, including the mainstream media, were upset by yet another senseless act of violence committed by a psychotic killer. Their fear was palpable and the drumbeat of those calling for additional gun control laws grew louder than ever before.

Simple-minded politicians clamored to get in front of microphones firmly ensconced in the hands of reporters from every t.v., radio, and cable news channel of the all too compliant liberal media. A feeding frenzy was taking place in which reporters, like hungry piranha in a South American river, were tripping over each over trying to capture that almighty sound bite befitting of the false liberal narrative.

You see, a lie sworn to by an accomplice, is as good as the truth any day. Collusion between left-leaning politicians and the liberal American media runs rampant. Neither, ever let a tragedy go to waste. Instead of simply reporting the news, the conspirators use every heartbreaking massacre to continue the brainwashing of gullible Americans. Their all too familiar and inflammatory rhetoric goes something like this:

“We have to do something about gun control, even if it’s wrong!”

“We need comprehensive gun control to get these weapons of war off our streets!”

“The NRA has blood on its hands!”

“The Second Amendment must be repealed!”

“If it can happen here, it can happen anywhere!”

The Liberty First Foundation’s response to these false claims is, NO….NO…..LIES…..HELL, NO….and YES, it can happen anywhere. It can happen anywhere the mentally disturbed are allowed to roam freely among us.

Now, for comparison purposes, let’s look northeast to Toronto, Canada, about 850 miles from the Waffle House in Tennessee. There, exactly one day later, another mass murder was committed. Ten people were slaughtered and fourteen were critically injured when another psychotic killer went on a rampage.

But his weapon of choice was not a semi-automatic rifle, even though they are readily available in Canada. No, he selected something even more lethal. He chose to kill his innocent victims with a fully automatic rented Assault Truck equipped with a high capacity, high horsepower V-8 engine!

So, where was the outrage from the gun-grabbing American politicians and their media co-conspirators in mass hysteria? The silence was deafening! The news was dutifully reported, as it should have been, but without any of their customary rhetoric or inflammatory editorial comment.

Is it possible there are no elected “truck-grabbers” or media moguls ready to demand that instant background checks must be conducted on every person who rents a truck? Rational thinking requires that those calling for a ban on semi-automatic rifles must also call for a ban on rented Assault Trucks. But that is not likely to happen because it is logically inconsistent with reality and doing so would expose the fallacy of their arguments for gun control legislation.

The point to be made here is obvious; mentally disturbed individuals, who want to harm and kill others are going to do it, one way or another. They will use anything they feel comfortable with to accomplish their murderous intentions and in a free society it is almost impossible to stop them. If you make one implement of death unavailable, they will find another, potentially more lethal than the first. Ten were killed with the Assault Truck in Toronto while four were killed with a rifle in Nashville.

Clearly, firearms are not the problem. Neither is the Second Amendment. The problem, as we at the Liberty First Foundation see it, is undiagnosed and untreated mental illness as well as the underreporting of data on people receiving mental health care.

While it has already been proven many times that the government can’t keep us safe, there is a definite role for government to play in trying to ensure public safety. It begins with a comprehensive review of how all forms of mental illness in America are identified and treated. Access to affordable mental health care must be prioritized, improved, and expanded.

Psychopaths, especially those affected with an antisocial personality disorder, must be removed from society and confined in a secure institution, while those patients allowed to live outside of treatment facilities must be closely monitored. All individuals receiving mental health care, whether they have been adjudicated as mentally defective or not, must have their personal information entered into the database of the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System. This last provision is likely to stop many more gun sales than are currently prohibited.

The repeal of the Second Amendment or the enactment of legislation restricting our right to own certain firearms makes no one safer; it only makes us vulnerable to death or serious physical injury at the hands of a madman! So let’s concentrate our efforts on getting the mentally ill the treatment they need and leave the Second Amendment alone. The idea that taking guns away from me will make you safer is the most intellectually dishonest argument proffered since the ratification of the Second Amendment in 1791!

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About the Author:

Paul R. Camping is a retired Criminal Investigator having 25 years of service with a city Police Department located in upstate New York. He writes for the Liberty First Foundation and Religion of Arms because he believes in the rule of law and is passionate about protecting all of our Civil Liberties guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, especially the Second Amendment. He also knows that gun control laws do not make us safer because criminals do not obey them.

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  1. Michael Marshall
    Michael Marshall

    Great article detailing that the problem isn’t a lack of gun-control but an increase in mental illness.

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