With Liberty and Justice for All

Thank God I live in Maine! That’s right, cold snowy Maine. Neatly tucked away into the northeast corner of our great nation, where the winters are cold and longer than the summers, and where the phrase “with liberty and justice for all”, still means something.
One of the strategies we employ in defense of the Second Amendment at The Liberty First Foundation is to expose the lawlessness and hypocrisy of left-leaning, elected “Oath-Breakers” who want to restrict or eliminate our God-given right to keep and bear arms. Conversely, we will promote and focus the light of liberty and justice for all, on those brave politicians who are defenders of these same rights.
Last weekend, the Maine State Republican Party ratified their platform in advance of the coming elections. I was deeply gratified to see this language right at the top.

In Section I, paragraph 1, it states:
1. We support and defend the Constitutions of the United States and of the State of Maine; they are the framework to which all legislation must adhere.
Then in Section II, paragraphs 1 and 2, it states:
II. The government of Maine exists to preserve and protect certain natural, inherent, and inalienable rights endowed by our Creator for the benefit, protection, and security of all citizens and future generations. To maintain these rights, we therefore pledge to:
1. Defend every person’s right, secured by the Maine and U.S. Constitutions, to freely exercise his or her religious beliefs as well as to speak and associate freely;
2. Defend the individual’s right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Maine and U.S. Constitutions;
For those of you who do not live in Maine, our state Constitution reads, in pertinent parts:

Article I.
Declaration of Rights.

Section 1. Natural rights. All people are born equally free and independent, and have certain natural, inherent and unalienable rights, among which are those of enjoying and defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing and protecting property, and of pursuing and obtaining safety and happiness.
Section 16. To keep and bear arms. Every citizen has a right to keep and bear arms and this right shall never be questioned.

But all of the foregoing is meaningless hyperbole without the right candidates to implement and administer the tenets of the platform while supporting and defending our Constitutions. So let me introduce to you, State Senator Eric Brakey, who is running for a seat in the United States Senate. Mr. Brakey has already proven himself to be a Defender of the 2nd Amendment. In 2015, he successfully sponsored a bill, which became Maine law, providing for Concealed Carry of a handgun without a permit.

Please stop right here and watch this short video. When you are done, please return and finish reading. Follow this link or go directly to YouTube and search for Eric Brakey.

In my humble opinion, Senator Brakey is unquestionably the right man for the job at this critical time in our history when our Second Amendment rights are under attack. He describes himself as a Constitutional conservative and his candidacy should serve as the political template for all other Republicans running for election to the United States Senate or the House of Representatives.

His campaign motto is Liberty for the Little Guy. I’m one of those little guys and I want Senator Brakey to represent me.

Usually, when I choose to vote for someone, I evaluate the candidate on the basis of his or her position on a variety of issues. Not this time. The stakes are too high. For me, my vote in the mid-term election will hinge on a single issue; protecting the Second Amendment!

This is your call to action. Get registered to vote, select a candidate who will support and defend our Constitution, and vote for them on Election Day. This issue is too important to leave it to chance. We must be politically aware of our surroundings and understand the urgency of our situation. If Republicans don’t maintain majorities in both Houses of Congress, you can kiss your gun rights goodbye.

In Maine, our Governor, House of Representatives, and Senate are all up for election. It is imperative that you find out who represents you now and who wants to represent you next year. Find out what they stand for and make them earn your vote. If they are not for the Second Amendment they are against it!

President Trump needs your help. Please send more Republicans to Congress, especially, to the Senate. He can’t protect our rights without the help of more Republicans in office. But before you do anything else, please watch Senator Brakey’s YouTube video: Defending the Flame of Liberty! https://secure.anedot.com/ericbrakey/c866c79e028123091943a

What is your candidate defending? Mine is defending the U.S. Constitution with liberty and justice for all!

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