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As I prepare to write this article today, I am overcome with sadness, as I struggle to understand how pure, unadulterated evil has once again permeated the hearts and souls of, not one, but two more teenagers in America causing them to take guns to school with murderous intentions.

We at the Liberty First Foundation pray for the victims in Santa Fe and Dixon and hope that God can pry the killers lose from the grip of the devil, so that we may begin to learn why these horrific events are happening in our public schools. It is not this writer’s intention to debate the factors that influenced the actors to commit these heinous crimes, but even the most casual observer, must admit that there exists a shared commonality of mental illness among the perpetrators!

No matter how you look at it, all of these teens were either suicidal, deeply depressed or exhibiting extreme antisocial, anger management issues with delusions of grandeur!

As a civilized society, our challenge must be to develop a way to screen our school-aged children at very young ages, to detect, intervene and treat these behavioral issues before they manifest themselves into murder/suicide events. And we must harden our schools against future attacks.

But most importantly, we must stop the constant regurgitation of the intellectually dishonest argument that blames the N.R.A. or the Second Amendment for these crimes and come to grips with the mental health component of these tragedies that nobody wants to talk about.

It is, at times like these, that weak-willed politicians and misguided students retreat to their “fall back positions” of the faulty ideology which mandates that the only solution to the problem of violence in our schools is more gun control legislation. This ideology, which has been disproven over and over again, gains traction in the popular culture, only because it is bolstered by the all too complicit mainstream media which, in a carefully orchestrated crescendo of voices, simultaneously attacks those constitutional principles that we hold near and dear to our hearts.

As Second Amendment Defenders, we must respond to the attacks on our Rights by electing law makers and law enforcers who share our same values, and are men and women of character who will not violate their oath to support and defend the Constitution.

This leads me to the introduction of a man who is a candidate for the office of Sheriff in my county in Northern Maine. His name is Michael Montpetit and he is a stalwart defender of the Second Amendment.

At my request, he wrote this short essay about his beliefs which will guide him in his duties as Sheriff, if elected. I have published it here, unedited and in its entirety, so that our readers, other candidates and politicians can learn by his example:

The Founders of this great nation were brilliant men of good conscience.  When our Constitution was framed, we were guaranteed certain rights as citizens.  I whole heartedly believe in our Constitution as it is written, and I believe that its intent is to protect us as citizens from an overzealous and intrusive government.  As a follower of our Constitution, I support the Bill of Rights as a whole.  As a law enforcement officer, I strongly support the 4th and 5th amendments.  As a citizen, I feel that the right to keep and bear arms is the cornerstone that holds all of the rest of our freedoms in place, and I believe that this was the intent of the Founders when they wrote the 2nd amendment.  I do not believe that the 2nd amendment was intended to allow citizens to possess firearms for hunting, though this is a particularly popular use for them, but I believe the intent was so that citizens could possess firearms that are capable of being used in defense of lives and property.

The Office of the Sheriff is unique when it comes to law enforcement agencies.  Although the Sheriff’s Office is responsible for law enforcement activities, it is not a police department in the traditional sense, but it is an office of the people.  The Sheriff of the County wields a tremendous amount of power, because that power is derived from the people that elect him, however, with that power also comes a tremendous amount of responsibility to the people.  The intent of a Sheriff is not just to be a conservator of the peace, but also to be an interposer on behalf of the people of his county, even if it means standing up to a higher power.

The Bill of Rights, particularly the 2nd amendment, has been under ferocious attacks for some time.  Laws that are in direct contradiction with constitutional rights are passed, and law enforcement officers that are not properly schooled in constitutional law enforce these laws on a daily basis.  If I am elected as the next Aroostook County Sheriff, my deputies will never be ordered to engage in any activity that is unconstitutional, and that includes unlawful gun grabs that occur in other states.  I believe that when an individual commits a heinous crime, then he surrenders his 2nd amendment right, but when a citizen is law abiding, their right to keep and bear arms should never be questioned or taken away. 

Thank you Mr. Montpetit. Like you, we will not abandon our principles or shrink away from our civic responsibilities as this infirmity of our society grows like the cancerous tumor that it is. Rather, we will continue to focus our attention upon the mental health ills of our nation and the genius of our Constitution, which has made us the most exceptional nation on earth.

Please get registered to vote, find a candidate who believes in personal liberty and vote for them.

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