Reality vs. Perception -The Second Amendment absolutely determines election results

ElectionPic(Leo)The purpose of Liberty First Foundation is promotion of the virtues
we all share as stoic defenders of our Constitution, foremost among the Amendments ,is the The Second, it protects all of the others.

I reside in a State where the current administration is rapidly fast tracking
bills that prohibit ownership of many different firearms.

We as residents of this State know, seizure of our possessions , and criminalizing the ownership of specific firearms , is an assault on our Civil Liberties.

The Constitution is not a document built on interpretation, we don’t have the right to cherry pick what we choose to follow, failure to adhere to the exact legal terminology stated in the Document will certainly collapse it and render it as a relic that only pertained to Citizens 2 or 300 years ago,

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I personally am very active politically in my community, I have witnessed lawmakers with a singular purpose, gun seizure, taxation, property theft, if gone un-challenged, will be emboldened to ignore all of the brilliant framework our Founding Fathers built America on.

I assist Candidates who run on defending the Constitution exactly as written, how many times have you heard a person in trouble , caught in a lie, say “I PLEAD THE 5TH”, it is within our vernacular , so ingrained in our personal liberties, we don’t hesitate to say it..the person hearing the response immediately recognizing it and acknowledging it.

Here in Oregon we have a Governor seeking a second term who is
pro-sanctuary City
pro- carbon tax
and worst of all She is completely anti-Second Amendment. like many other events, the tragedies visited on schools by mentally ill individuals, not guns, is an incentive she uses to demonize our community of self defense advocates, collectors, hunters, shooting sports enthusiasts, as marginal, Citizens who have no need for the Second Amendment.

Her personal progressive ideals would have our guns seized and our rights admonished, she has made it no secret that is her intention.

A group of clergy pieced together an initiative to circulate around the State, if it obtains the required amount of Citizen signatures, it will be placed on the November ballot to be voted on and if approved, become law in Oregon, it prohibits what they deem assault rifles, we know them as ARMALITES, it also prohibits any pistol or rifle capable of a removable magazine that holds more than 10 rounds, if passed there will be a 120 day grace period to comply with destroying , selling out of state, or simple forfeiture of these arms, failure to comply will result in a felony.

I have contended all along this process, which has resulted in likely the most volatile Republican primary in my lifetime, Fear of the loss of our right to bear arms, is the number one campaign issue among the voters when deciding a challenger to the incumbent Kate Brown in the General Election this winter.

Many of my friends and peers also active in the Oregon Republican Party were convinced Sam Carpenter was the only viable choice, He campaigned on all of the issues current Governor Brown has disenfranchised Citizens of Oregon with.

Legal immigration
veterans first
and pro-Second Amendment, many believing the competitors Knute Buehler(pro-choice) and late entrant Greg Woolridge, were not genuine Conservatives.

I, for my own reasons… i won’t rehash them because it angered Sam’s supporters, had personal misgivings about Mr. Carpenter as the primary victor capable of defeating Kate Brown, Carpenters supporters were die-hard in their defense and called anything that challenged his worthiness to be slander, fake news, dirty politics.

A few of the accusations were very serious in nature, stolen valor, lying on a voters guide statement, again, Sam’s supporters explained them away and would not be swayed, In Oregon, we have a vote by mail system, registered voters receive the ballots well in advance of primary day, many Oregonians had already cast their votes and mailed them in previous to the fateful friday debate , 3 days prior to election day.

Lars Larson is a Conservative Portland based talk radio host, His affiliates are all over the Pacific Northwest and reach all of Oregon and Washington State, when it was announced he was having an in-studio debate with all 3 Candidates, the interest was piqued, the circumstances , much like Super Bowl Hype, made this debate popular, a must listen and view among the affiliates live-streaming the debate.

Again, the barometer for the Primary victor , resided in the Carpenter Camp, the enthusiasm was hyperbolic, As the debate began, Mr. Larson asked questions submitted from listeners, reflecting what issues are most important factors in earning their vote.

Many Conservative Republicans in Oregon believe that Knute Buehler is not a staunch Republican, Portland Nike Founder Phil Knight endorsed Knute and contributed a Kings ransom of campaign donations, the grassroots Republicans also believed that Greg Woolridge was a Candidate inserted to run as a vote splitter, to take away votes from Sam Carpenter and assuring a victory for Buehler.

A resounding hush fell over the listeners as Mr.Larson asked the number one most important question..

Buehler and Woolridge responded, “absolutely not, I won’t comply with an unconstitutional order”!

Sam Carpenter early in the interview spent a great deal of his time attacking the other two candidates, and appearing defensive, Buehler and Woolridge meanwhile awnsered professionaly, without contempt, ignoring Sams little bursts of anger, Sam answered the key question regarding the Second Amendment in a different fashion, he claimed as a Governor he had to uphold the rule of law in the State,quickly following with , “WE WILL MAKE SURE IT DOSEN’T PASS “!
Lars followed up with Sam asking Him if that was his final answer ( he later admitted shock at the answer on his radio show), Sam defiantly responded with the same answer.

Despite having strong support, the concern…if elected,Sam wouldn’t defend the Second Amendment was most certainly the biggest contribution to his loss the flooring tuesday to Knute Buehler.

The fear of losing our rights is truly the Elephant in the room in U.S. politics today, the results of the Oregon Primaries solidly affirms that, I have never been more convinced that above all other issues Americans are most concerned about, defending the Second Amendment stands head and shoulders above all others, it only takes a progressive agenda in a blue State to wipe away one of the founding pillars of our Home, If we allow that, reversing the loss and reaffirming our freedom will be an arduous process, meanwhile, the authorities confiscate our firearms, will you and I allow that? We are at that fork in the road .
God Bless

Leo Stratton

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2 thoughts on “Reality vs. Perception -The Second Amendment absolutely determines election results

  1. Marlene(Lee) Robbins

    Excellent summary Leo Stratton! I met you at “GunGrabber,” Ginny Burdick’s town hall 5 years ago, when you were first filming. Since then you’ve been one of our most dedicated and courageous Citizen Journalist! Filming not only Gun Grabbing, but many other forms of Government overreach, involving land grabs, (Malhuer Refuge, BLM, the Hammonds, LaVoy,P3’s ) Mineral theft, First Amendment attacks (standing up to Antifi,) BLM and Occupy, Planned Parenthood issues, and numerous other Government and NWO sponsored hate groups, and their activities etc. etc.! Specifically, the assaults on our precious 2nd Amendment have definitely accelerated, especially with the latest corrupt and blatant IP43. The 2nd protects the first, if it goes we lose All! These are dangerous, times friends, our Freedom and lives hang in the balance. Stand Up – Speak Up – Show Up – VOTE – Unite and Fight!

    • Leo Stratton
      Leo Stratton Post author

      God Bless You Lee, you are a Patriot in every sense of the word, thank You!

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