Be a Protector not an Aggressor

Today we live in a world where many people are pushing to enact gun-control legislation that would all but completely destroy the Second Amendment.  They are working to pass gun confiscation laws under the term “Red Flag” laws and working to ban many popular models of semi-automatic rifles.  They have been able to gain support for these pieces of legislation through the utilization of fear tactics and false narratives.  old_ass_version_by_sharpwriter-d33u385They have people believing that the AR-15 will shoot at rates that are a physical impossibility.  They have people believing that the AR-15 shoots around that will blow things up.  These are false narratives and are nowhere close to the truth.

The pro-Gun community knows these statements are outright lies and deceptions but they are coming from people that are in positions of trust and authority.  These same people in positions of trust and authority do not talk about the many time’s guns have saved lives or prevented tragedies like the one in Santa Fe.  Instead they high-profile events like Parkland in order to increase the level of fear of firearms.

The truth is a large part of America does not have a clue about firearms so they believe the people they trust.  The problem is when they see these false narratives over and over they cannot help but believe them. jeffersonindvrighttobeararms Then they are put in a situation where they meet a person that is pro-gun and the first impression is one of fear because that is what they have been programmed with.  It is our mission and our duty to change this fear to one of trust.

The question is how do we do that when everywhere they look they are confronted with the false narratives and fear tactics that are employed by the anti-gun groups?  The first thing is to realize that they are afraid of guns because they do not know any better.  Treat them with respect and understanding knowing that they are presenting their arguments from a position of fear and not one of reality.  If we instantly discredit them by attacking their views we have lost the battle and probably lost someone that could have had their position changed.  We have destroyed any chance of them trusting anything that we say as truth.

We have to approach these fearful people the same way we would approach an animal that is fearful.  We have to be cool, calm, and collected.  Remember they are fearful because they do not know any better.  We have to put them at ease first and we have to understand what their fears and concerns are.  After we know what those are we can work to alleviate those fears.  Not through intimidation or making them feel inferior but through understanding and teaching.  We have to teach without overwhelming them.  If we seem to be attacking their position in even the slightest manner they will become defensive and we have lost another to the anti-gun crowd.

CatGunIf we approach with understanding and genuinely listen to their fears and concerns and address those in a calm, non-threatening manner they will be more likely to listen and more open to understanding.  The more rational we are and the more understanding of them we are the more likely we will be able to influence their position.  We may not be able to completely change their mind but we may be able to get them to start to understand that guns are not as evil as they thought they were, and that is a step in the right direction.  Each step in the right direction gets us closer to where we need to be.  But we can only make progress when we first seek to understand their fears and then help to remove those fears one at a time.

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