We Have to Change

The Liberty First Foundation is working very hard to become a movement for the defense of the Second Amendment.  ColdHandsAs such we are actively working to build a large membership first through the Liberty First Foundation Facebook group and secondly through other social media platforms.  Currently, it may, on the surface, look like we are not doing a lot of active defense of the Second Amendment.

This is in some aspects true we are not actively implementing programs that are directly defending the Second Amendment.   The reason behind this is so that we can organize and build strategic programs that will make a difference and change the perceptions of people about firearms and firearm owners.  There are a lot of things that are going on behind the scenes that most of this group are not aware of.  When things are finalized we will make announcements.

In support of this, I would like to talk about some of the things that I have observed in the Liberty First Foundationyou-aint-gettin-my-guns-you-gun-grabbing-liberal-weenie-osu-9466517 Facebook group and that I have seen as typical in other gun-rights groups.  The first is when someone even mentions something about something that is happening in the gun-control camp the typical response is a bunch of “one-liner” rhetoric.  People belonging to these groups will type a quick one-liner along the lines of “shall not infringe”, “Compromise we have already compromised enough”, “Do you want a Civil War cause that is how you get a Civil War”, or my favorite “From My Cold Dead Hands”.  Honestly, why do we think these “one-liners” will work?

I know we have some very intelligent members and we can find arguments that:

  1. Actually dispels the myths that the gun-grabbers are using to promote their agenda.
  2. Discuss the reasons that their solutions are just feel-good measures that do nothing but make us more vulnerable.
  3. Discuss real solutions that will have an impact without restricting our rights.

do-you-want-a-civil-war-because-thats-how-you-start-a-civil-warThe truth of the matter is many of the people that are a part of the gun-grabber movement are scared and they want a solution.  The only solution that they are hearing is from the groups that actively seek to disarm the American people.  We need to be a part of these conversations and we have to present intelligent arguments that will give these scared people a sense of security, solutions that produce real results.

We cannot do that with one-liners or by attacking the person that subscribes to these beliefs.  We are free to attack the idea but we have to do so in a non-threatening manner that is evidence-based and offers a solution that works.  We have to be seen as caring more about results than about feeling good.  We have to shed our image of the redneck that spouts off “theyuns ain’t gettin’ ma guunns”.  If we want to defend the Second Amendment then we have to change our tactics and we have to offer real solutions and we have to eliminate the fear so many have about guns and gun owners.

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