Call to Action: Defending our freedom from Red Flag laws

By Michael “Vass” Vasquez

As we had mentioned in our article on June 16, 2018 – Hidden gun restriction Bills pushed by Gov. Cuomo, and their consequences – Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the NY State Legislature are currently pressing to pass 5 “Red Flag” Bills (also known as Extreme Risk Protection Orders or ERPO). This attempt to speedily pass the Bills, while their consequences are little known to the general public and elected officials alike, has resulted in several Bills being a single vote from law of the land. If nothing is done, very soon Americans will wake up one morning and will have lost critical parts of their freedom in their sleep – much like as happened with the NY SAFE Act passage. But it is not too late to prevent another surprise attack on the liberties and freedoms of citizens of New York State.

What is at stake is the Second Amendment, the Fourth Amendment, the Fourteenth Amendment, and the Due Process Clause. This will affect not only our education system, not only legal law-abiding firearm owners, but the structure of families. All for an illusion of safety that is neither guaranteed nor even implied to be real. The trade is unbalanced and expressly targeted to provide for the political aspirations of an elected official seeking a 2020 presidential run, and a Party seeking to maintain power at all costs.

As we clearly presented in examples in the June 16th article,
Red Flag laws assault freedom

“A direct consequence is that if Bill A11148 were to pass, as an example, and the part-time temporary kickball coach were to call for removal of firearms from a home the impact would not end there. Unstated by Gov. Cuomo is the fact that Child Protective Services would be compelled to take action (courts, police. and teachers are required to report to Child Protection Services)…

Imagine that across the State, part-time temporary kickball coaches, or school nurses, or school administrators were to call for removal of firearms from minority homes without Due Process, resulting in the children of those homes being removed by CPS. Imagine that happens at a rate 23% more than any other group of children.”

Therefore we call on all those that support the Second Amendment, those that defend Due Process – the legal cornerstone of our judicial system, those concerned with the equality for minority students and students with disabilities, and most of all those that respect and honor our Constitution, to band together and stop these “Red Flag” Bills from becoming freedom crushing law. All it takes is contacting your local NY State Senator – via phone call, or email.

Literally all that is needed is a phone call or email. 30 seconds of time and effort, to ensure Rights and families are not ripped apart in the name of partisan political ambition. To help those unsure of what to say to enable this fortification to our Rights, we present both a simple statement you can leave your State Senator in a phone call and an email that you can send:

Via phone call or email:

State Senator,

I am one of the constituents that you are sworn to represent in [your NY State Senate District]. I have read and learned about the “Red Flag” Bills being pushed to passage by Gov. Andrew Cuomo. I do NOT support any of these Extreme Risk Protection Order or ERPO Bills, and advise you to vote NEA in representing my voice and vote in the NY State Senate. I will be reviewing the votes for each Bill, and will hold you accountable in the next election based on how you represent your constituents.

(Your Name)

We will include a PDF version of this, for those that wish to mail their message, or wish to print a copy to use. No matter how you choose to contact your State Senator it is vital that you act now. Even as we speak, partisan organizations concerned only with political power, are already trying to use emotional pleas to mask the severe and unconstitutional impact of these ERPO bills. Immediate action is required before State Senators are goaded into supporting the loos of our Rights and families.

Once you have contacted your State Senator, please let your family and friends know how much you support their freedom by making a comment on social media –

“I support freedom, I told my State Senator to vote no on all 5 Red Flag (ERPO) Bills.”

We thank you for unveiling the partisan politics that seeks to tyranically smother New Yorkers by holding NY State Senators accountable, by supporting freedom, for defending all of our families.

Vote NO on Red Flag Bills

Contact: New York State Senate –

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