Supreme Court

Carry on

Today I was reflecting on the U.S. Appeals court conceding that the 2nd Amendment allows for the open carrying of a gun, it felt like a victory, kind of sort of like one. Well honestly more like a re-affirmation of obviousness than a victory, but still it wasn’t a defeat. Or was it?

Federalist Papers

What are The Federalist Papers? Who wrote them?

From September through April 1787-1788, The Federalist Papers were written and published in New York newspapers. These editorials explain the new Constitution, including what the different articles and clauses mean.  And they encouraged the people of New York State to ratify the Constitution.

Federalist Papers

My qualifications to teach The Federalist Papers

I’ve been writing about The Federalist Papers on the internet for 20 years.  I feel that it is important the readers know my qualifications.   I never planned on studying and writing about The Federalist Papers and the US Constitution.   My plan was to teach finance.  However, God had a different plan for me.


The Practicality of the Second Amendment

Some of us do not realize just how big an impact the Second Amendment can have on a person.  I know that some anti-gun advocates think that the reason gun owners are so passionate about gun rights is so they can have guns to shoot or hunt

Social Media Wars

Extreme is the new normal

I have dug myself into some Facebook trenches on a number of occasions and exchanged fire with the enemy. And it went awesome! I didn’t even call someone a nazi. But seriously, did I change anything?

We the People

The best time to be a patriot.

Everybody wants to be a patriot until it’s time to do patriot things. I first heard this quote on the internet some years ago, and though I’m not recollecting it word for word, it’s close enough.