Dan Abraham

Ruger SR1911 in 10mm – You Gotta See This

The well-established Ruger SR1911 series of handguns expanded their line by adding an SR 1911 model chambered in 10mm. Clearly, meeting the demands of a growing 10mm population of shooters who enjoy a heavy load, Ruger stepped out of the box to create a beautiful matte-finished, stainless steel model that has heads turning.

Guns DO save lives.

It was late December 1971, and tensions in the city were high.  While everyone was used to a certain level of crime being perpetrated throughout the 5 boroughs, one rash of incidents had many on edge.

Walther CCP M2

The NEW (Upgraded) Walther CCP M2

The Walther CCP M2 (concealed carry pistol) is a sub-compact 9mm pistol with a single stack magazine that carries eight rounds. It has excellent ergonomics and shoots incredible all while maintaining Walther’s standard of quality and reliability.

Knife Fight

New York Cop Story

There are times when force is required to handle a situation, there are times when wit will accomplish the same, but when the two are combined with a touch of humor, it makes for a story worth telling…

Gun store worker

Do NOT Do This at the Gun Store

When entering a gun store, my advice is for people to keep their ego in check, mind their business, conduct themselves in a professional manner and keep all guns cased and unloaded with the breach locked open. For guns that do not lock open, a chamber flag is a nice touch.

Michael Vass

Speech: A comprehensive look at Red Flag laws

August 20, 2018 – Vestal, NY – This is an amended transcript of a speech, made by M V Consulting Inc and Liberty First Foundation NY Chapter president Michael “Vass” Vasquez to the members of the Americans for Restoring the Constitution (AFRTC) and the general public at the Vestal Public Library.