Liberty Is Not A Political Position


What is your political position? To answer this question, it requires you to examine your personal beliefs and assign a label to yourself. The world in which we live is full of labels. Words intended to define everything known to man. And in the realm of politics, there is no shortage of adjectives available to describe the different forms of government employed in various countries around the globe, the political parties that exist and operate within the framework of those governments and the personal political ideologies of the citizens who live under them.

In the United States of America, a Constitutional Republic is the label which describes our form of government. Some folks would like to call it a Representative Democracy, but they would be wrong. While both forms of government allow their citizens to cast a vote to elect their representatives, the Democracy allows the majority to force its will on the minority, sometimes referred to as “mob rule” or “Majority over Man”. But, in the Republic form of government, our Constitution limits the authority of the government with the protection of unalienable rights endowed to individuals by their creator, not the government.  These basic civil rights, enshrined in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights, recognizes the sovereignty of the individual and protects the minority from being completely unrepresented or overridden by the majority.

This key difference is one of the many important distinctions that separates us from almost every other nation in the world! And it is most definitely worth fighting for!

So, in consideration of the forgoing I ask again, what is your position on the political spectrum? Of the two major political parties, do you find yourself voting with the Democrats who claim the left side of center, or do you vote with Republicans who claim the ground to the right of center? Perhaps you shun both parties and find yourself somewhere in the middle. It does not matter!

The Liberty First Foundation does not care! If you are a freedom-loving American who believes in the Bill of Rights including the Second Amendment, you are welcome and encouraged to join us. We are not a partisan organization and we do not engage in identity politics. Everyone, regardless of political persuasion, is invited to be part of this movement. Our mission is to effect policies locally, creating lasting change nationally, developing enduring acceptance of the Second Amendment, while removing the negative stigma associated with firearms.  We will utilize grassroots efforts facilitating the organization and assembly of those that wish to impact political decisions affecting the Second Amendment.  Owning a firearm is not a prerequisite for membership, but celebrating your constitutional right to keep and bear arms, if you so choose, is.

This writer self-identifies as a Paleo-Conservative with a streak of Libertarianism who passionately believes in the rule of law, including the Constitution as the primary law of the land. In the past, I have written with overbearing emotion, not to offend those who hold a position different than my own, but in an attempt to persuade them  to change their stance in favor of this cause. I may have failed in my purpose so I must make these immutable truths crystal clear; the defense of the Second Amendment and individual Liberty is not a political position. Our Constitution should unite us, not divide us, and no one political position is better or more righteous than another!

As a unified and well-coordinated grassroots movement we must target those who desire to deprive us of and infringe upon the Second Amendment. They are the political radicals in constitutional subversion, (hereinafter known as the P.R.I.C.S.) who want to pass legislation to ban our firearms which will curtail our ability to defend ourselves at home or in public. It is the P.R.I.C.S. who campaign on  fraudulent common sense gun safety laws so restrictive that the Amendment is virtually nullified without making us any safer and it is the P.R.I.C.S. who want to transfer their fear of firearms into laws that demonize and criminalize those who choose to possess them.

Liberty is not a political position. Please join the fight because we can’t let the P.R.I.C.S. win!

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