Remington RM380 Review – A Stout Little .380 ACP Powerhouse

Gun manufacturer Remington produces a small and lightweight .380 ACP pistol called the RM380. The Remington RM380 is an aluminum framed, hammer fired pocket pistol that has proven to be consistently reliable. It sports a long double action trigger pull along with a snag-free design that many feel is ideal for pocket carry. To top it off, the RM380 can be purchased for under $250 making it a quality, budget priced concealed carry choice.


If the RM380 looks similar to Rohrbaugh R9, it is by design. Remington purchased the blue prints from Rohrbaugh, changed the grip angle, trigger guard and several internal components to mass produce the pistol. They then chambered it in .380 ACP resulting in pursuing a proven design, increasing it’s availability while offering it for far less money.


The Remington RM380 comes with two (six round) magazines, glass-filled nylon grips, an anodized aluminum frame, integrated sights, a 2.9 inch crowned barrel, ambidextrous magazine releases and weighs just under 14 ounces fully loaded. The heavy double action trigger provides a measure of safety for those who plan to pocket carry the pistol.


I took the Remington RM380 two the range on two separate occasions while using three different types of .380 ACP ammo. I was pleasantly surprised by it’s performance. It’s not that I expected any function failures however my previous experiences with micro – .380 handguns taught me that most require a “break in” period. Thus far, the RM380 is yet to have a failure with over three hundred rounds fired with various loads tested. I even did a “limp wrist” test and the RM380 passed with flying colors. From my, right out of the box perspective, that’s pretty dang reliable.


For greater detail and information about the Remington RM380, check out the video below where I demonstrate it’s features, disassemble and reassemble process, range shooting and my personal impressions about the gun. Equally important, we want you to share your experiences with micro – .380 handguns and which model you prefer the most.

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