Glock versus Walther – Handgun Showdown

Glock and Walther are two popular firearm manufacturers that produce handguns that American’s love. Each of these companies have a large and loyal following of enthusiasts who feel their handgun is superior. Glock is known for extreme reliability, accuracy and toughness. Walther holds the market on exceptional ergonomics, comfortable shooting and exceptional accuracy as well.


Being that “gun guys” love to argue, insult and fight over various firearms, I decided to hold a “handgun showdown” between Glock and Walther. Considering the compact size Glock 19 and the Walther PPQ are respectively each companies most popular models, there is no better place to start and allow the viewers to explain or defend why their model is the best. Nothing will quite get people’s blood boiling more than a good ol’ comparison against their favorite handgun model.


Next, I decided to bring out the sub-compact double stack handguns. The Glock 26 and the Walther PPQ SC are two scaled down handgun models that sport similar features as the G19 and PPQ but in a smaller package. Both models share specifications that measure up well while keeping with the features and functions that are trademark Glock and Walther.


Due to the popularity of single stack 9mm handguns, it was only right to compare the Glock 43 with the new Walther CCP M2. This showdown varies a bit with the G43 using the standard Browning lock breach system against the CCP M2 delayed blow-back gas system with a piston and fixed barrel. Each model has it’s advantages and drawbacks which makes this comparison entertaining and the feedback responses exciting to read.

The question is, which of these firearm manufacturers do you prefer? Are you a die-hard Glock guy or do you prefer what Walther handguns have to offer? Check out the video below and let us know. Liberty First Foundation appreciates your thoughts, opinions and feedback. Also, be sure to “like” our Facebook page to catch our daily reviews on guns and 2A issues. Click here to stay informed –

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