Who’s responsible for your safety?

Earlier this week, my State’s Governor made a truly unfortunate statement. You see Governor Bullock has been short-listed for a 2020 run at the Presidency, and as such has been getting more media attention. He was on CNN and was asked about banning semiautomatics, and he said he was for it. Politics aside, it hurts my heart that any leader of any state would resort to such short-sighted rhetoric under the false pretense of wanting to “protect” our children.

I could write pages and pages of reasoning as to why the semiautomatic weapon is one of the most necessary and important tools for our Nation’s safety today, but I’m going to not dive into those waters. However, it did make me think about protection, and who’s really responsible. The notion that our government—either through federal means or local law enforcement—is capable of protecting anyone is beyond dangerous. The average response time for help to arrive is substantially longer than the length of the average crime. You are literally on your own, and that is never more apparent than in a gun-free zone. Our government decided to deny access to firearms in certain areas, basing their decision on the premise that they could provide safety to those in said areas. A long list of dead children show how poorly they are, at maintaining this premise. So in an effort to save face, in an effort to perhaps curb the epidemic of gun-free zone violence, they have decided to shift focus off of their own failures, and onto other objects, like semiautomatic weapons. This practice honestly makes me so angry because it puts lives at risk, it totally ignores the greater epidemic of crime that will occur if our population is disarmed, and it feeds off people’s fear.

Sadly I believe our government knows exactly how to stop school shootings, but they know the path to that victory might cost them their own office. Nobody wants to talk about increasing taxes to fund additional law enforcement officers, so every school in America has armed protection (never mind training and arming teachers), nobody wants to talk about metal detectors, funding for mental health programs or the actual tactics used to fight crime. Instead, like in the case of Governor Bullock, they’ll bet the lives of our children in an attempt to win votes.

So, just remember, no one out there is capable of protecting you, but yourself.

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