Ruger SR1911 in 10mm – You Gotta See This

The well-established Ruger SR1911 series of handguns expanded their line by adding an SR 1911 model chambered in 10mm. Clearly, meeting the demands of a growing 10mm population of shooters who enjoy a heavy load, Ruger stepped out of the box to create a beautiful matte-finished, stainless steel model that has heads turning.

The Ruger SR1911 retails at $1,019 however local gun stores have it available for right around $750. Its features include; a five-inch bushingless bull barrel, full-length guide rod, rubber grips, (2) eight-round magazines, skeleton trigger and hammer, a 70’s series (without a firing pin block) 5.75-pound trigger, and target sights with the rear being adjustable. Other features include a flat mainspring housing, extended beavertail, and a non-textured front strap on the grip. All things considered, the Ruger SR1911 10mm is a loaded package that’s put together with typical Ruger Firearms quality.

A notable difference between this model and a standard 1911 handgun is the bushingless barrel. This creates a different (but simple) disassemble process. Ruger includes two pins to insert into a hole in the guide rod. I used a paperclip to demonstrate the process (see video below). The pin will capture the recoil spring which decreases the slide tension making it easy to manipulate. The remaining disassemble process is consistent with standard 1911 handguns.

I took the SR1911 10mm to the range with high expectations. Being that I have not fired a 1911 handgun in 10mm, I wasn’t sure how strong the recoil would be and how that would affect its accuracy. After the first couple of shots, I learned that the 10mm round felt no different than a .45 ACP. The recoil management was comfortable and the accuracy was excellent. I immediately settled into this handgun as it delivered accuracy and reliability just as I expected.

Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts and/or experiences with this Ruger SR1911 chambered in 10mm. Also, be sure to follow this Facebook group by clicking this link to remain informed with 2A issues and gun reviews from various authors.

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