Freedom of Speech

Free Speech…it’s a no go zone

There is a reason that our right to Free Speech is perched upon the top spot in our Bill of Rights. To be free to speak ones mind, to think freely, to believe and practice one’s own faith, to report and share ideas…these were not just ideas that were discussed by our Founding Fathers, they were the cornerstone principles upon which our nation was built. 

FBI Active Shooter Study

I recently read an article released by the FBI about the “active shooter” incidents that occurred in America during the years 2016 and 2017.
The most important figure in my mind was that 8 (yes, only 8) shooters were stopped by citizens. And out of those 8 only 4 used firearms. The number of lives those brave citizens saved can’t be measured. Those people are true heroes.

Leo Stratton American Patriot 4Feb1968-12Sep2018

Through his actions, Leo Stratton has made this Nation a better place and it is up to us to continue what he has started.  Rest in Peace my friend and know we have the watch your mission on earth is done and you have proved that you are a patriot in the truest sense.

Sept 11, 2001

Lest We Forget

The list of all of those that were so tragically taken away from their families, their friends, and their country on September 11, 2001.  Words alone will never be enough to express the supreme sadness that befell our nation, so it is ever more important that we remember their names. May they rest in everlasting peace.

Adam Kraut

Adam Kraut Interview

Adam Kraut is currently trying to put his bid in for this coming year’s election for the NRA’s Board of Directors. Adam is a lawyer who specializes in firearm laws and is a very active member in the gun community.

Frightened Child

Learn to be still.

My very life was made possible because a good man was able to stop a pair of bad men, and the knowledge of that has never been lost to me or diminished with the passage of time.  I am the living embodiment of knowing when to rise and fight. However, I have also been taught an equally important lesson…I had to Learn To Be Still.