The necessity of our Second Amendment hits home.

The impact regulation has on our lives is occasionally lost among the barrage of the media’s blitzkrieg of anti-gun articles and pundits suggesting ” the Second Amendment was designed for the militia of the time”

Sadly, the daily stories of Americans defending their lives and countless others by exercising this right against the evil predators among us are rarely promoted, the message doesn’t fit the analogy the media portrays.

Recently, out of my own curiosity, I put my ex-Wife’s name into my search engine, I have not spoken to Her in over 20 years, Friends had told me over the years, She remarried… just as I have, and had children, I suppose out of boredom I googled her name to see a picture.

To my horror, Her search yielded several news stories from two months ago, sadly Her estranged Husband whom She had a restraining order against for domestic violence, had murdered Her, He strangled Her then burned her body in a trailer house to conceal the evidence.

This woman was a High School sweetheart, and we were married 7 years, together 10.

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My heart goes out to Her family, they were my family as well for 10 years, and I am just sick to my stomach thinking about the 4 young children who now have lost their Mother.

This personal story brings to mind another friend, this Woman’s Sister was murdered as well in yet another domestic violence tragedy, the local anti-firearm, groups were smelling blood in the water following the latest school shooting, Gabby Giffords had appeared in my City to be Bloomberg’s living example of what evil firearms result in.

Seeking yet another victim to illustrate their intent.. gun confiscation, they found my friend’s info and contacted Her, asking for quotes to use for their crusade, another woman slain by a handgun would be a great impetus for their case to dis-arm Oregonians.

Much to their surprise, Jen is a Second Amendment proponent, She answered their inquiry with, “if my Sister had a firearm, She may have prevented her own murder”

That is not what they expected to hear, She then schooled them on the fundamental rights our Second Amendment protect, our liberty, personal safety, and basic rights, their intention to exploit another female victim for their endgame failed miserably, the Media got word of Her conversation and She was featured on Fox and Friends, Her story shared with a national audience.

Jen spoke at a Second Amendment Rally to tell her story to individuals who feared losing theirs as well, I also cannot forget Her words, the video above is a powerful tool to educate others on the reason our Second Amendment cannot be changed, repealed, or amended.

I truly hope many of You never know a victim of domestic abuse, It tears so many lives apart, creating orphans, Widower’s parents who outlive their children…

It’s a savage crime, but one that is preventable, an angry spouse is less likely to be emboldened to beat on their partner if a firearm is present and the victim is educated in its use, and if that isn’t a hindrance, using that firearm to defend themselves from the larger, stronger individual can prevent the horrific crimes committed against them.

My ex-Wife may have been able to save herself, the neighbors reported hearing screams from the trailer, then seeing it engulfed in flames, Yes, I am happily re-married now and blessed with a wonderful wife of 20 years, but I can literally imagine the hell my ex went through, I can also hear the pain in my Friend Jen’s voice as she re-lives her Sisters tragedy.

Evil is real, emotional angry predators of all types will continue to prey on innocents, abolishment of The Second Amendment will only make their acts of aggression easier and the frequency more often.

As Jen so eloquently remarked in her speech “I will not be a victim” yes Jen, your support for your own Second Amendment right will assure You of that.

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  1. Leo Stratton
    Leo Stratton Post author

    Thank you if sharing with others brings the awareness to stop this behavior it’s well worth attempting.

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