Kevin Dixie-No Other Choice

This week I was able to talk with Kevin Dixie owner of No Other Choice Firearms Training LLC.  I first found out about Kevin through a podcast I was listening to that he was a guest on.  As I listened to that podcast I heard a gentleman explaining that we are members of a community first and the gun owner is just a part of who we are as a part of that community.  He explained that we needed to present ourselves and who we are and quit trying to force the conversation about guns.  I continued to listen and I was more and more impressed and it was then that I decided I needed to find out more about this guy.

During our discussion, we talked about the 2nd Amendment and its historical significance to the black community, and how gun control has been used to oppress blacks. We talk about the massacre of Black Wall Street and other critical events in black history. Kevin has commissioned a couple of firearms, the Truth, that showcase Black Wall Street and the Underground Railroad.

Enough with the intro let’s hear from Kevin.

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