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Here at the Liberty First Foundation we take what we do very seriously. But there’s no doubt we’re big kids on the inside sometimes. From playful banter to Creative and whacky builds. This month I will be featuring a Frankensteined AR platform based off the Super Mutant from the Fallout franchise.

Meet Strong! Strong is a 223 wild AR style rifle.

The inner workings

The lower receiver is from a Layton, UT favorites Outdoors/ Smokers/ Gun Store and all around great staff, and a friend of the Liberty First Foundation, Firearms Pro. I am proud to own their 1st production with the serial number ending in 001.  I went with a basic Aero lower parts kit and a Magpul Grip.

The upper receiver is an Aero Precision M4E1. A classic in AR builds everywhere. A great and reliable receiver at a good price.

Upper and lower reciever
Upper and lower reciever

As far as the Trigger, I went with a 3.5lb POF single stage flat drop-in trigger from POF-USA. This baby is crisp and consistent. My favorite trigger so far.

Kept it basic with a standard Mil-Spec buffer tube, but filled it with an adjustable Buffer by Odin-Works. The different weights make those perfect adjustments.

Odin Works RUNE
Odin Works RUNE

Odin-works took the majority on this beast, taking the place for the hand guard with their 15.2″ RUNE forend.

Rounding out their presence is their 223 Black Nitride Bolt Carrier Group for great reliability and a lasting piece.

Hanging out up front is a Hiperfire Hipercomp compensator. Though a compensator wasn’t absolutely needed for the build it makes a great addition.

A Superlative Arms adjustable gas block is in charge of keeping cycling in check with minute adjustments for perfect shots.

The Faxon Arms Match-Grade 18″ heavy fluted barrel makes sure those little freedom seeds make it down range and on target.

All topped off with a Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6×24 scope one a Warne Scope mount to make sure I see where to put them. I will say that having the illuminated reticle is nice, but the eye relief could use some work. I digress

Vortex strike eagle
Vortex strike eagle


The customization

After taking the time to choose exactly what I wanted to build this monster and throwing my original budget right out the window I decided. Why stop there? I contacted my good friends Andrew and Alex at Legacy Gunworks & Engraving to make it special. Andrew asked me what I had in mind and I told him “Fallout / Super mutant”.  He stopped me with a “Say no more! I know exactly what to do!” I left them with a pile of parts and what I got back floored me. Their level of care taken and detail was AMAZING! From the color scheme to the laser engraving and custom engraving were exactly what I was hoping for and more! It perfectly fits the post-apocalyptic hell scape theme I wanted.

Wrapping things up.

Now fortunately for me it looks like it may look like it was jammed together by some raider while running from glowing mutated creatures, but shoots like a dream. The combination of the compensator, barrel, adjustable gas block, and adjustable buffer give this thing little to no recoil, and practically no muzzle rise. Allowing for rapid shots that are still accurate. All in all, since I first started building guns. This is my absolute perfect rifle build..

Thank you for stopping by and seeing what we’re up to at the Liberty First Foundation and allowing us to have some amongst all the seriousness we face in the modern day.


God bless, and stay safe.


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