New Year…New Website

Here we are in 2022. A new Year. 2021 was a hard year for most of us. With COVID and the rising cost of living many of us are frustrated and concerned. I know that the Liberty First Foundation wasn’t heard from much in 2021. But all of that is about to change. As the title states and if you are reading this you have already noticed that in the new year we have launched a new website.

What happened in 2021

As our followers noticed in 2021 the Liberty First Foundation was not very active. There are a few reasons for this. With COVID most of the industry events that we were going to be at were canceled. This made it difficult to get content out to our audience. I can not speak for the other people in the Liberty First Foundation so I will limit this article to addressing some of the problems I faced in 2021.

The Accident

The AccidentOn the morning of May 3rd, while driving to work I suddenly quit breathing. This caused me to lose consciousness resulting in me crashing the vehicle I was driving at the time. I was estimated to be traveling at 60 mph at the time of the accident. Luckily the only injury that I received was a fractured wrist. After spending the rest of the day in the hospital I didn’t have any answers about why I quit breathing. The next few months have resulted in one medical test after another trying to determine why I stopped breathing.

During these tests, it was discovered that I had varying degrees of blockages in the blood vessels in my head. The blockages were from slight to a complete blockage of one of the major arteries in my head. I am currently, taking medications that are helping some with the effects of the restricted blood flow for my brain. I have some other tests scheduled and hopefully, I will soon be able to return to work.

Website Crash

While all of that was happening the original Liberty First Foundation website crashed. The connection to the database was lost. This resulted in our losing all of the content that was on the original site. During the month of December, I have been working to redesign the website and to recover some of the lost articles from the website. This is the result of that work.

 New Year…New Website

Our new website is now operational (thank you captain obvious). During the redesign, I worked to make the website easier to use and find information. One of the new features of the website is a better way to subscribe to a newsletter that will be sent once a week with updates about what is happening with the Liberty First Foundation. We have also made it easier to stay informed when new content has been posted on the website.

The Redesign of the New Website

As a part of the redesign, I made it easier for visitors to the website to understand what the Liberty First Foundation does. I have also added a system where people can register with the website. This is to make it easier for registered users to be members when we offer membership to the Liberty First Foundation, hopefully later this year. As we grow we hope to offer additional features to the website and to host live events across the country.

In order to do this, we need your help. On the website, you will notice that there are some advertisements for various businesses. Some of these are businesses that have helped us get the word out about the Liberty First Foundation. Please show them your appreciation by visiting their website. We have also become affiliates with some other businesses. This is to help us cover the costs of our website and to pay for other costs associated with the operations of the Liberty First Foundation.


In the past, we have tried to rely on donations to help offset some of the costs we incur doing what we do. We have had some limited success doing this. But the costs we have operating the Liberty First Foundation exceeded those donations and required the people running the Liberty First Foundation to pay for the excess costs. This quickly became unmanageable and kept us from being able to do a lot of what we wanted to do with the Liberty First Foundation. We will still have a way for people to donate to the Liberty First Foundation. However, we are enhancing our ability to raise revenue to cover the costs associated with our operations.

The Future

Here is a list of some of the website improvements that we are planning.

  • Online storefront
  • Membership
  • Online community
  • Web-based classes

Beyond this, the Liberty First Foundation will be working to host events across the country. These events will depend on how well we receive funding.

Stay tuned for other plans as we reach the goals that we have set for the new year. One of the best ways to stay informed is to subscribe to our newsletter and register with the website to receive updates. As we move forward we need your support to help us grow. You can support us by donating, visiting our sponsors, or making a purchase from our affiliates. If you can’t do any of those then please share this article and our website to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media. Help us grow in the coming year as we work to protect the Constitution and our 2nd Amendment rights.

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