2023 NRA Endorsements

Leadership Matters…

It has been our experience that the Second Amendment Community, more than anything, needs steadfast leadership. Leadership that will not bend and break with the prevailing winds but that will stand firm in the eye of the storm. For too long, we have all seen that many we have entrusted to be our voice have given in to those that seek to disarm us, all in the name of compromise.

We have entrusted them to carry our flag, only to see them wave one of surrender. This has to stop. While we’ve had victories in the courts, we find
ourselves having to refight battles we have already won, primarily because of weak leadership, poor public perception, and mixed messaging. It’s time that we move forward and retake the ground given up, not by us, but by those that failed to represent our interest; no more self-inflicted injuries, no more compromising.

While we are not the NRA, we are members with a voice and a vote. We take that vote seriously.

So today, after careful consideration, the Liberty First Foundation is proud to announce our official endorsement for the following NRA Board of Director candidates. Each of them has demonstrated the kind of unwavering principles that have earned our trust and respect.
Each has a reputation, resolve and track record of results beyond reproach.

(Here are our endorsements, in no particular order)

Amanda Suffecool

Amanda SuffecoolAmanda Suffecool is a 2A advocate who works with multiple organizations fighting to return and retain our rights and teach others how to walk this walk. She is the only female nationally syndicated second amendment radio host in the nation. If not behind the sights or a microphone, she’s in front of students, imparting her knowledge and passion for the Second Amendment. Amanda is a machine with a never-ending supply of energy…a tireless advocate.


Honestly, we don’t know where she gets the energy or the extra 96 hours she seems to find in the week. She’s a dynamo!

When we asked her why she wanted to add to her already impressive schedule, she replied, “The NRA has survived 150 years, and I want it to stay another 150 years. But, it’s dependent upon us to look at the data, make strategic decisions and forge a path to the continued defense of the 2nd amendment and our personal rights.

Rick EktorRick Ector

The right man, the wrong place, the best result. Rick Ector took what was an all too common occurrence and turned it into an opportunity to teach and empower those in his Detroit community. Having been the victim of an assault many years ago, Rick pledged never to allow himself to be a victim again. But that was not good enough. Rick understood that he could use his experience as a victim turned defender and help others before they, too, became a statistic. Rick began training himself and then training others, and before too long, his reputation and standing in the community grew. Since opening “Rick’s Firearm Academy,” he has been able to educate thousands of people and does so from a unique perspective of empathy and understanding.

Meeting Rick many years ago in Indianapolis, we were struck by his calm, friendly demeanor…not fitting into the mold of a “shooting instructor”. It’s the cool, still nature that Rick projects that makes him so effective as a teacher and is why so many people trust him for their training. He’s been on both sides of the gun, so he knows how vital the relationship between student and instructor is. To quote Rick…” TRUE STORY”

Lt. Gov. Mark RobinsonLt. Gov. Mark Robinson

Bursting onto the scene in 2018, few in the Second Amendment community have made an impression like Mark Robinson. Speaking at a Greensboro, NC City Council forum, in what has been dubbed the “I am the majority” speech, Mark left the room and the internet speechless. Having been viewed millions of times and quoted by even more, Mark’s words rang true for all of us. He spoke from his heart, carrying on his booming voice, the combined weight of every gun owner in America…” I AM THE MAJORITY.”. Shortly after making his presence known to the world, Mark sat down with Liberty First Foundation Co-Founder Michael Marshal for what would be the first of many interviews and shared events.

We distinctly remember being at the Moore County Wildlife Club, where Mark would make one of his first public appearances while running for Lt. Gov of NC. We had our backs to the door, but somehow, we knew when he walked into the room. This man has a presence that you can feel. It’s hard to describe when you know someone has that “something special,” but it’s there. Mark is warm, funny, attentive, and knowledgeable…but more than anything else, he is passionate. Having served in the U.S. Army Reserve, Mark also understands the value of commitment, and we know no person more singularly committed to the cause of liberty than Mark Robinson.

In Conclusion,

We have been fortunate to work with and get to know each of them, not only for what they do but for who they are. So when filling out your ballot, we hope that you join us in supporting these fantastic people as they have spent so much of themselves supporting the Second Amendment and those of us that hold it so dear.

Thank You, The Liberty First Foundation Board of Directors.