Hyperion Munitions PTC Unit…Performance on a budget.

In the weeks and months to come, I am going to be taking a very ambitious journey,…but I’m not leaving the workshop.

Close Up View
Close Up View Hyperion Munitions PTC

For a couple of years now, I have wanted to do a project called “Mild to Wild”.  The project is simple in theory, but will be incredibly complex, expensive, and time consuming…but I don’t think it has been done before…or at least not as well documented as I intend to make it.

The idea is simple…Build an AR-15, and do it on as strict and as tight a budget as possible.  Sounds simple, but that’s where we begin the journey.  What I intend to do is build a rifle that ANYONE can build, and then, slowly, trade off each and every part of the rifle with an upgraded component, and then reassess the performance of the rifle with every part added.

What I want to know is where the “Performance vs. Cost”  threshold is, and how much money it will take to get us there.

The idea will run the gambit from Mil-Spec to full-out custom, and with each upgrade, we will see if the monies spent are equal to, the same, or less that what we had beforehand.  We want to know at what point is does it not make any sense to add to a rifle that has already reached peak performance.

Will that $300 upgraded BCG make your gun run better, faster, more accurately, or would you have been better off putting that $300 into some ammo and a couple hours of private instruction. We will find out if that $2,500 DD your buddy (or you) has can outshine

For the first step in our build, we decided to think outside of the FFL and 3D print ourselves and nice AR lover that we could use a bench rest, trigger tester.  To that, we added the most common and popular lower parts kit we could fine…Anderson.  Well, as expected, the trigger group works fine, but it has a LOT of creep, travel, over-travel, stiffness, and a not so light trigger pull.

To remedy this, the very first thing most people would replace is the trigger…Instead we opted to try out the Hyperion Munitions Trigger Control Unit.

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This $50 device, once you figure out how install it, and tune it, you ‘re in for a very pleasant surprise. Now, let me explain what this device does.

Just Build It
Our 3D Printed AR Lower with PTC and Anderson Lower Parts kit

Once you mount the device to the bottom of your trigger, you have 2 screws to adjust.  The first screw comes up from below to block the over travel of the trigger, making it stop EXACTLY where you want it to.  Next is the screw that replaces your grip screw.  Yes…you’re going to have to keep track of your selector detent, so be careful.  Now, once you’ve replaced your handle, there is a screw WITHIN the center of the Handle Mount Screw, and you will use THAT once to slide up inside your lower receiver and contact the back of the sear.  Once you make contact, you repeat adjusting  the screw until you tune the trigger EXACTLY where you want it to break.

Nifty fact…if you want to render your rifle completely inoperable, all you need to do is OVERTIGHTEN the grip mount center screw, and it will eliminate all movement from the trigger itself, rendering the rifle as non-functional, and only YOU will know the reason why, or how to remedy it.

Now that the unit is installed, and tuned the way you want it, you can impress yourself and friends at the range with what is probably the least expensive competition feel trigger on the market.

You can find the Hyperion Munitions PTC Unit here… https://hyperionmunitions.com/ptc/

or on Amazon here…  https://www.amazon.com/Precise-Trigger-Control

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