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FJ with A-10
Frank Brings The Big Guns!

Frank Johnson, Co-Founder of the Liberty First Foundation and host of the “The Range Report“, he is not your typical Second Amendment Advocate,  Born in Brooklyn New York to a Law Enforcement family, he became very well versed in “City Life”.  However, whenever the opportunity came to venture off to parts unknown, Frank would be the first to have his back pack, rifle, and survival gear ready to go.  Spending most free weekends hiking, hunting, fishing, and rock climbing, and horseback riding, Frank developed a passion for the wilderness.

“I was probably the only 12 year old kid in Bay Ridge with Rodeo trophies and marksmanship awards”

Spending nearly 30 years in New York City, Frank could never find himself at home in either the public or private sector.  Having worked in every field from Commodity Financing, Security, Maritime, and Law Enforcement, a fierce independent streak drove him to carve his own path.  Away from the madness of the city, Frank, a self taught master carpenter, began operating as a General Contractor in the Southern Tier of New York.  Now, with a schedule he could dictate for himself, he followed hos other passion…Firearms.

Range Time is Review Time
Reviewing a Rost Martin 9mm Pistol

An avid collector, and competitor, Frank decided to put his knowledge and skill to task. With years of training,  he became a multi-organization certified firearm instructor.  From teaching handgun fundamentals, self-defense, and long range shooting, tailored for every student.  Frank has spent nearly all of his adult life as an advocate and teacher.  Every day, he becomes a more staunch defender of the Second Amendment.

“It’s true, we can’t dictate when bad things happen…however,  we can dictate how we respond”.   ” What you need to understand is this…YOU are your own first responder”
Nightlife with the Gun Dude
Michael Marshall, Steve Bozich, Dick Heller, Frank Johnson

In 2016, along with some like-minded associates, Frank Co-Founded The Liberty First Foundation.  The L1F, a self funded organization, is dedicated to the preservation, protection and promotion of the U.S. Constitution.

“One tactic is to organize educational forums so that citizens better understand the Constitution”...”this, we believe, is best achieved at the local level”...Michael Marshall

Americans need to know how their lives are impacted by government overreach and abuse.  Fighting our battles on the larger landscape is imperative, but so too are the local fights.  THAT’S where the heartland is. We have to fight those fights if we are to recruit the willing into the fray.  By helping them better understand their rights, we can build a broad coalition of those willing to get involved.  Until and unless “We The People” remember our true place in government, someone will always be willing to exploit us for more control.

Press Room Antics
Frank Johnson, Amanda Suffecool, Michael Marshall

Whether it be in person, rallies, public speaking, podcast appearances, or through social media, or their “Weekly RoundTable” podcast, the L1F team and dedicated to the idea that engagement will produce involvement.  When asked why he so passionately defends the Second Amendment, he replies “I was literally born to do this”, and it’s true.

Lt. Governor Mark Robinson and Frank Johnson of the L1F
Mark Robinson, Frank Johnson


Residing in Charlotte, North Carolina since July of 2019, Frank has become quite active in local politics.  Speaking at rallies, he shares the story of how he became the “Gun Guy From Brooklyn”. Never missing an opportunity to bring more people into the Second Amendment Community, he’s become a fixture at every local gun club, sharing both his knowledge and passion for freedom. “Once you understand what your rights are, freedom becomes contagious and addictive”.  “You learn that you cannot live without it”.


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