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An innovative approach to firearm security.


A few months back I had the opportunity to meet with a gentleman named William Sandoval, owner of a company named Ocufii. We happened upon one another by happenstance, and our conversation led to an invitation to take a look at something they were in the process of developing.  Always on the look-out for new and interesting Second Amendment related products I tool William up on his offer, meeting him and his collogues in his office in Charlotte N.C.


After filling out a Non-Disclosure Agreement, William introduced me to their new Firearm Security System, “TagMe”.  At first, it reminded me of another product on the market, but I soon learned the differences. This was the technology unlike anything else on the market, developed by a different mindset as well.

TagMe App
TagMe App


William and his team, a group that are truly concerned about firearm security, had developed an alarm system of sorts.  What they had come up with was both simple and brilliant.  The base station plugs into an outlet, and transponder is attached to your firearm. The premise is very simple…if it moves, you will know about it.

I know…it doesn’t sound all that impressive when you break it down like that, but you have to dive a little deeper to fully understand both the usefulness and the potential in this little package.

How this system works…

First lets talk about the base station.

TagMe Base Station
TagMe Base Station

The Base Station is slightly larger than your average phone charger.  You plug it into an outlet, and can secure it with the supplied adapter and screw.  The Base Station is then connected to your home/office Wi-Fi system through the use of the “Tag Me!” app.  Once you’re connected, you can start adding up to 10 Movement-Detectors to your list of options.  You can also custom name each detector with any alphanumeric designation you prefer, ex. Gun 1, Gun 2, Safe 1, Vault…etc.

The Movement Detector, let’s call them “transponders”, are attached to whichever firearm you choose, either by band or fob.

The Transponder(Beacon)

TagMe Transponder(Beacon) mounted in watchband Style housing.

The Transponder itself is roughly the diameter of a Quarter, and twice as thick.  Housed in its own rubberized wristband or teardrop fob, the Transponder can be attached directly to your firearm. The transponder may also be indirectly attached to a drawer, or safe your firearm is stored in.  As soon as, and I really do mean AS SOON AS, there is ANY movement detected, you are immediately sent a message to your cell phone.  Within a couple of seconds, you get an Alert that details exactly what moved and when.

Variety of uses.

Now, I have only been testing the one transponder, but I have been moving it around my house…a lot.  With only my wife and myself living here, and her not going anywhere near the armory(Yes…I said Armory), the likelihood of me getting any alerts would be minimal.  So, from time to time, I would secure the transponder to various items in the house.   So far, I have been able to track what times my wife feeds the dogs, what time she visits the fridge for a snack, when she goes into the garage, when she lets the dogs out into the yard, and when she eats my Cap’n Crunch Cereal.

See, my test wasn’t about trying to track my guns at all.  My test was about the viability of using this device in Non-Firearm Scenarios as well.

“TagMe”, developed to monitor the stativity of your firearms, offers you so much more.  Want to make sure your co-workers aren’t stealing your white out?  Drop one in your drawer.  Want to know if your roommate is using your bedroom when you’re not around?  Hang one from your doorknob.  Want to see if your kids are messing with forbidden stuff? Then this is for you.

Privacy Concerns

In many scenarios, there are privacy and security concerns that prevent the use of a remotely operated camera.  TagMe! will ONLY notify you if a specific item has moved.  And speaking of security and privacy…This is NOT a tracking device…and for good reason.  Generally, the gun community is concerned with government overreach and abuse.  We have seen the government use administrative maneuvers to try and (ILLEGALLY) create a “gun owner database”.  Whether it be taking photos of 4473’s on routine inspections of FFL’s or pressuring lending institutions to reveal to the ATF the names of customers using credit/debit cards to make purchases at gun stores, we have all had our privacy violated.  The LAST thing that the folks at Ocufii want to do is give the consumer something else to worry about.

Ocufii does not require that you provide personal information. Just an E-Mail address is all you need when it comes to using their device.  No name, no address…nothing.  They don’t even collect any personal data when you buy their devices because you can’t but it from them directly.  They use a secure third party system when you purchase their system from an authorized dealer.  And if you’re concerned that there is a tracker in the transponder, don’t be.  I can tell you first hand and with absolute certainty that there is not.   The transponder ONLY communicates with the base station, and the base station ONLY communicates with whom YOU designate it to talk to.

Additional Options.

OK, OK…You’re alerted IF and WHEN someone moves your gun…but it does nothing to actually prevent that gun from being used when you don’t want it to be.  Well the folks at Ocufii thought of that too.  First, they developed a  Transponder in Trigger Guard that will fit most conventional firearms.  With this “key open only” style trigger lock, not only will you KNOW if someone is messing with your gun, it will prevent them from being able to USE it.  An available Cable Lock (with integrated transponder) can be used to secure rifles and shotguns.

While TagMe can be used to help secure your firearms, Ocufii technology can be applied beyond. In an effort to help combat the nations epidemic of drug use.  Ocufii transponders are small enough to be mounted to the underside of a bottle cap.  So now, if you have anything in your medicine cabinet that you would like to keep track of, Ocufii will let you Tag It.

Stick-On Transponder (Beacon)
Stick-On Transponder
Home monitoring service.

Yes, it is true that “TagMe” is not a tracking device, however it does put YOU in the position of first responder.   If you choose to outsource, there is additional service available.  For a monthly fee, you can enroll in their “TagMe” monitoring service. The service will not only notify you if something is happening, but allows additional options.  The monitoring service is manned by English Speaking Operators and available 24/7.  The operators can be directed to send authorities whatever they are needed.  Now, my wife and I are using a National Chain as the means of alarming and monitoring our home.  Well that 24hour monitoring exactly inexpensive.  I don’t know what the monthly fee is, but my wife says it’s expensive.

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In short(yes I know it’s too late for that now), the TagMe system lends itself very well to a world that needs to have security, privacy, and flexibility.  If you want some peace of mind and the ability to monitor things while you’re away, TagMe might be your best plan.

TagMe Starter Kit includes Base Station, Beacon, Beacon Fob, Instruction Manual, mounting hardware
TagMe Starter Kit includes Base Station, Beacon, Beacon Fob, Instruction Manual, mounting hardware


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