People ask us what is the Liberty First Foundation all about?  We are a group of people that are defenders of the Second Amendment.  The Second Amendment is the only Amendment that actually gives the Constitution of the United States some “teeth”.  Our Founding Fathers fear government so much that they instituted a means for the individual to be able to take a stand against a government that has exceeded its limits as set forth by the Constitution.

While the Second Amendment was added to the Constitution by government it was not government that gave us the right that the Second Amendment protects.  The right of self-protection is a right that all organisms have and has been established since the beginning of life on this planet.  Every organism has some means by which they are able to protect themselves against the enemies that mean to do them harm.  Why should humankind be any different?

The Liberty First Foundation is working to defend this right of self-protection.  Our rights are not limited to when they were established they evolve over time.  Humankind has advanced technologies for the betterment of humans and some of the technologies have been used for the determent of humankind.  One of those technologies is firearms.  Firearms do not act of their own accord they act under the direction of the individual that bears them.

If people seek to limit firearms through regulation and legislation they disarm the very people that need that protection most, the law-abiding citizen.  There have already been laws established that address the intentional and unintentional use of a firearm to cause harm to another individual.  These laws have been established and are implemented to punish the abusive use of a firearm.

The Liberty First Foundation was established to provide education to change the negative stigmas that have been placed on firearms by those that seek to restrict them.  We do this through Social Media platform such as Facebook and Twitter.  We have an active community group on Facebook that was where the initial concept for this was started.

The Religion of Arms Facebook Group is a very active group participating in Facebook campaigns to expose elected officials that are pushing legislation that is contrary to gun-rights.  This group educates others about that Second Amendment and responsible gun-ownership.  The Religion of Arms is extremely active and is one of the fastest growing Second Amendment groups on Facebook.

We are always seeking to add new members to this non-partisan group of defenders in an effort to expand the reach of our messages and to establish that the Second Amendment is a right that was inherent for all humankind and that denial of that right is a civil liberty injustice.