NYSPRA v. Bruin

New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. v. Bruen

New York had a law that prohibited adults from generally carrying a firearm (including a concealed handgun) upon their person in New York without a state-issued license. These licenses were only issued upon proof of “good moral character” and “proper cause.” This is frequently referred to as a “may issue” licensing scheme, which is not based on objective criteria.

2023 Membership Drive

2023 Membership Drive

The 2023 Membership Drive has now started. The Liberty First Foundation is starting a way that our fans can help support our cause of restoring the Constitution to its original intent.

12 Reasons to sign up with US Law Shield

12 Reasons to Sign Up with U.S. LawShield® Today

If you carry a firearm for self-defense, then you already understand that bad things can happen, and the best defense can be a proactive one. Self-defense incidents do not end when the police arrive, though; in fact, the physical fight for your life may just be the beginning.

Break the chains of dependence

The Spirit of Self-Reliance

The spirit of self-reliance is sorely lacking in the American people and in our communities. Modern America has become reliant on the government to provide for us. We look to the government to provide jobs, to take care of the less fortunate, and to fix our problems.