The Liberty First Foundation in Action. These are just a few of the many events that we have been involved in since our founding in 2018. The Liberty First Foundation is committed to preserving the Rights of Every American. Get involved today to help preserve the Liberty that this country was founded on. We want to see your pictures exercising your Rights and taking a stand for freedom.

If we are not involved in preserving the principles that this country was founded upon then we will find ourselves in a country that was never intended. The Founders of this great Nation knew that Government would encroach upon the Liberties they fought so hard to protect. Now it is up to us to preserve and restore the liberty they gave us.

Going to the range. Getting out to vote. Get involved in your communities. All of these are ways to be involved and to take a stand against losing the freedoms we all enjoy. Let your voice be heard. Our country was founded upon the principle of a Government of the People, By the People, and For the People. If the People are not involved then our government will be replaced with something else we are already seeing the effects of disinterested and uninvolved people if this doesn’t change it will soon be too late.