The Liberty First Foundation was founded in 2018 by Frank Johnson and Michael Marshall. Since its founding, the Liberty First Foundation has had a goal to inform people about the Constitution. It is with this knowledge that we hope to restore the original intent of the Constitution. The United States of America was founded on basic principles of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. It is these principles that are at the core of the Liberty First Foundation.


This is the most fundamental right that all living creatures have. Because without life the other rights are not needed. What is paramount to life is the ability to protect it. That is why the Liberty First Foundation is a no-compromise advocate for the 2nd Amendment. It is the 2nd Amendment that grants all Americans the ability to protect their lives from any wishing to do them harm.

With life there are responsibilities. The Liberty First Foundation advocates for responsible ownership of firearms. This doesn’t mean that we advocate for additional laws regulating firearms. Instead, we advocate for ALL people to be educated in the safe proper use of firearms. We encourage all Americans to take a course about safe responsible gun ownership. These courses are offered across the Nation by highly trained professional firearms instructors.


Our country was established on the principle of limited government. It is this principle that promotes liberty for all people. What is liberty? Liberty is the ability of a person to do what they wish without interference from the government. The only time that government should be involved is when it is protecting the rights of its citizens. This is why the Framers of the Constitution created a limited government. This government was given specific powers and it was to never exceed those powers. However, the citizens of the United States have neglected their responsibility to hold that government in check.

The Liberty First Foundation advocates for active citizenship. What is active citizenship? Active citizenship is when the people are actively involved in the operation of their government. This doesn’t mean only voting but it means attending municipal meetings where you can voice your opinion on the operation of that government. It means being involved in your community to make it better through community action and not relying on government programs. The strength of our nation is not in the hands of government it is found in the strength of our people. It is those people that allow liberty to thrive.

Pursuit of Happiness

Commonly in the United States people mistake this part of the Constitution. They believe that the government is tasked with making them happy. Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that government is to allow people to pursue their own happiness. This cannot happen when government interferes. The Liberty First Foundation urges everyone to pursue their own form of happiness. This cannot happen when we look outside ourselves for that happiness. How each individual pursues their own happiness is by putting forth an effort to find that happiness. This is not something that people can give you.

Happiness is different for everyone and it cannot be defined by the government. How we each find happiness will be different from how someone else finds happiness. However, we each must be allowed to pursue happiness without government interference. When the government is overly involved in people’s lives the pursuit of happiness is paralyzed. Our reliance on the government prompts our desire for the government to provide for our happiness. As everyone is different there are no one-size-fits-all approaches to pursuing happiness. For each person, it is an individual join that takes them on many different paths. Government cannot account for each of these paths for each individual. That is something that we each must determine for ourselves.

The Liberty First Foundation

The Liberty First Foundation believes that each of the core values enshrined in the Constitution relies on the others. In order for people to fully enjoy life, there must be Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. In order for there to be Liberty people must be allowed to pursue happiness. Without Life and Liberty, there can be no pursuit of happiness. Each of these core rights is engrained in the others. Without one we lose the others. The Liberty First Foundation is committed to protecting these core rights for every person.