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2023 Membership Drive


Thank you for being so interested in joining the Liberty First Foundation. Your Paid membership helps the Liberty First Foundation expand its reach in promoting the restoration of the United States Constitution to the Framers’ original intent. Our ongoing mission is to educate the people of the United States about the true meaning of We the People. All too often, the people of the United States turn to the government for the answers to the questions We the People, should be answering. Unfortunately, this has resulted in a government that no longer responds to the people but instead a government that requires the people to answer to it.

The Liberty First Foundation is working diligently to change this. Through the education of the citizens of the United States, the Liberty First Foundation clarifies the role and purpose of the National Government as defined in the Constitution of the United States. However, that can only happen when the citizens of the United States understand their responsibility to participate in holding the government of the United States accountable to the Constitution as it was written and ratified.

Liberty First Foundation 2023 Membership Drive Official Rules

Benefits of Joining the Liberty First Foundation

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  • and much more

As the Liberty First Foundation grows, the benefits our members will access will only increase. Join today and invite your friends and family to join. The more members that we represent, the more powerful our voice becomes.

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