fmj v hp

FMJ vs Hollow Points

The biggest argument I see people make for carrying FMJs or even party packing (HPs and FMJs) is barrier penetration… This argument spawns purely from ignorance on defensive ammunition.

Reclaiming our Independence

The early days of the United States shows a story that unfolded that closely parallels the events of today. Gun-control advocates are working hard to enact legislation that is eerily similar to the laws enacted by the British Crown. Today July 4th, 2017 needs to mark the day that we reclaim our Independence from those that wish to enslave us. Defending the Second Amendment is crucial to preserving that independence.

Social Media Debate

Challenging the opposition

We need to reevaluate the way we address the arguments that the anti-gun control group is using to promote their agenda to disarm the American Public.  The arguments they are putting forth can easily be rebutted but you have to actually listen to them and then offer an argument that will actually produce some results instead of offering the same old rhetoric.