Battle of Concord

The Battle of Lexington Concord and Our Fight for Our Fundamental Right To Bear Arms

Alerted by a party of dispatch riders sent to warn the town (the most famous of which was Paul Revere) 77 militia members met the British forces on the town green at Lexington.  After being ordered to surrender their arms in face of far superior numbers, the militia began to disperse. Just then, a single shot was heard, prompting an active engagement. During the fight, eight militia members were killed, and another 9 wounded. Only one British soldier was wounded.


Shopping on the 2A battlefield

Before my transformation into a gun-rights activist, I used the internet for normal people’s things. I searched for worthless info, I enjoyed a good video now and then, and occasionally posted on social media platforms. I never really thought about what my actions meant, and I thought very little about protecting my 2nd Amendment rights.

bridging the divide

Talking with the “other side”

Many people say that those who are anti-gun and anti-gun rights simply can’t be reasoned with; that no discussion is possible because they reject logic and reason. Therefore the people themselves are rejected. However, would it surprise you to learn that that’s likely the exact same perception “they” have of us who firmly believe in the value and promise of the Second Amendment and firearm ownership in general?

Gun control and the 2nd Amendment

Mass shootings and gun control

In the past few years, there have been a lot of mass shootings in the United States.  Every one of them has ignited afresh the debate on whether or not to further restrict the sale and use of firearms of various types in this country.

Who We Are. Why We Fight.

Who are Second Amendment supporters and advocates? Who are the millions of responsible, law-abiding gun owners in the United States who refuse to be swayed by emotion and the panicked group-think that calls for rapid and drastic infringement of our rights?