The Right of Self-Protection Does Not Discriminate

Groups like the Liberty First Foundation are hard at work defending the Second Amendment from those that wish to deprive us of this fundamental right.  This fight needs your help.  The larger these groups grow and the more exposure we have to those that support the Second Amendment the more successful we can be in preventing the further erosion of this basic right.  Like Share and Comment to help spread our message of victory and help others from being the victim.

CondoleezzaRiceQuoteThe Liberty First Foundation believes that the Second Amendment is for everyone.  It is the most basic fundamental right that is bestowed upon all of us.  This right is not granted by any government or any person it is a right that we have when we draw our first breath and it is a right that we have when we draw our last.  This right of self-protection does not see race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, wealth, status, or anything else.  It doesn’t care if you are a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green Party, Conservative or Liberal.  We all have this natural right and we all deserve to have this right protected from any that wish to deprive us of this right.

Recent events have caused groups that wish to deprive you of your right to self-protection to start campaigns to vilify those of us that are working to protect this most basic of all of our rights.  These groups have names that make them sound as if they are working to protect the disadvantaged or that they are the saviors of the victims.  This is a ploy to take away your rights.  They come under the guise of security and protection against evil but the agenda is to have you see yourself as a victim.  A victim that is powerless to protect themselves.  A victim that is dependent on the government to ensure their safety.

Our choice is do we succumb to being the victim or do we become the victor?  As a victim, you will always have to depend on others for your security.  Others will not always be there when you need them most.  We have seen this play out in places like Chicago, the murder capital of the United States.  When the need is most urgent you cannot rely on anyone but yourself for your protection.  This is how you are a victor.  You know if the time comes you are prepared and able to protect yourself and the ones you love.  You are not reliant on others to come and save you.self-defense-1

Some in our society would like you to believe that this type of thinking is anti-government and is an extremist view.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Government still has a place in a world where people are better able to defend themselves and where they do not have to be totally reliant on someone else.  Yes, this government is limited in scope and is better suited to devote resources to other problems that government is better suited for handling.  When we are the victors and government is unable to exceed its authority because they are beholding to the very source of their authority.  This doesn’t mean that we are against the government.  It means that we are against governmental overreach.

Our Constitution was written to impose limits on our government.  Through fear and manipulation government is able to exceed these limits and we welcome it.  If someone takes a stand against this governmental overreach they are labeled as an extremist or as anti-government.  They are portrayed as not caring about the victims or potential victims.  The ones that are using a tragedy to further their purpose of restricting our rights start campaigns to vilify the ones that are working to hold them accountable to the limits imposed by the very Constitution that was sworn to be supported and defended.  An oath they made to the very people that elected them to office.

When we are the victim we welcome this overreach because we believe that it will make us safer.  We believe that our only hope is to allow these restrictions to our fundamental rights.  The problem with being the victim is as we lose more rights to them more we are made a victim.  Not A VictimCausing a vicious cycle that slowly deprives us of our rights.  Like a snowball rolling down a hill as each right is taken the snowball gets larger and harder to stop.  We have to stop the snowball before it runs us over and we no longer have any rights to protect.  We have to become victors and take charge of our lives and take responsibility for the rights we have been bestowed with.  This means defending those rights from those that wish to deprive us of them.  We can do this by joining with groups that are fighting to protect our rights starting with the Second Amendment.  Groups like the Liberty First Foundation are working to protect these rights so we can be victors.  We have to stand together to protect our rights from those who wish to take them from us.  By joining the Liberty First Foundation you will be joining with a group that is fighting to defend the most basic right of everyone, the right of self-protection.

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