Meet Second Amendment Warrior Mark Callahan

In previous articles, I have shared difference makers, Individuals who not only back our Second Amendment BUT tirelessly practice what they preach, regardless of political implications or public perception.

The Man I am featuring today Mark Callahan fits every standard I personally require of a public figure, in order to be entrusted with upholding our beloved Constitutional right, virtues must be apparent and adhered to, in order to convince me they are truly honest rather than placating.

I met Mark a few years ago while campaigning for Tim McMenamin, Tim was running for Oregon House Representative, We have a restaurant complete with a WW2 B-Bomber that also contains a small museum featuring our veterans and their exploits, Mark was campaigning at the museum and thanking our Veterans.

Mark, a friend of Mr. McMenamin as well, was running for Senator against incumbent Jeff Merkley Dem. remember that name, Jeff has his eyes on the big prize, President of The United States, but this article isn’t about Mr. Merkley, I mention him because I want to begin Mark’s story with an example of the kind of Man Mark is.

A free weekly newspaper called Willamette Week, held a roundtable debate with the Candidates competing for Senate, one of the Candidates Joe Rae Perkins, was not able to attend in person so they had her on speakerphone after the moderator asked a question answered by all present, Mark could see out of the corner of his eye, Willamette Week reporter Nigel Jaquiss recording notes on his notebook, regarding Candidate responses, following Joe Rae’s response Nigel scribbled “BLAH BLAH BLAH” on his page, Mark spoke up telling Him, “you are disrespecting Joe Rae “, the debate promptly asked Mark to leave, but his conscious prevailed, Fox and Friends National cable show interviewing Mark days after hearing about Him doing the right thing.

We are discussing the Second Amendment, so I will address the reason I consider Mark to be an excellent candidate to support.

Many of You are likely aware of the LaVoy Finnicum story, along with the Bundy Brothers occupied a Federal Wildlife Reserve in remote Eastern Oregon, to bring attention to the plight of the Federal Government overreach and imprisonment of nearby ranchers The Hammonds.

Eventually, after several days of a daily face-off between Law enforcement, the FBI, and the Occupiers of the reserve, LaVoy was ambushed on a highway between Burns Oregon, and John Day, he was killed by the FBI and his fellow occupiers arrested and taken to a Federal Courthouse in Portland Oregon.

As a videographer, I covered the proceedings in downtown Portland, among the many supporters of the jailed individuals, who held weekly vigils and rallies to draw attention to the Patriot’s plight, was Mr. Callahan, not because he was looking for votes, Mark loves America, and the Constitution.

Mark speaks at a lot of events, You will always see his trademark red tie and a copy of the Constitution in his pocket…. weathered from the multiple occasions he has read from its pages.

Mark is a big Trump supporter, adhering to the same aspirations that Trump holds sacred, Mark, His then-fiancé Nicole (now Wife), myself and my wife Shelley, attended the Trump Inauguration together in Washington D.C. it was glorious, my pride to be an American was never more visible, the monuments, the history, I will never forget it!

The same evening Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, My City Portland erupted into violence, the many Hillary and Bernie supporters were outraged at the results of the Election, they took to the streets, destroying property, assaulting Trump Supporters… I was among the supporters who had the audacity to show my support for our newly elected President, that didn’t prevent me from showing up among the mob, sporting my Trump hat, Mark met me there and also wore a hat and shirt, we were both attacked after I got home, I watched the news at 10, the lead story was an interview with Mark and I regarding the assault, as always Mark was praising America, our flag, and our values.

The thugs who created the chaos every night for days, doing over a million dollars of damage, evolved or devolved if you will, into the ANTIFA movement, I covered many of the fights between the thugs accusing Trump supporters of being white nationalists, Nazis, etc and the Freedom supporting groups such as Patriot Prayer, Multnomah County Republicans, and many other Trump supporters, Mark, from the beginning, saw I was running for my life and being attacked by ANTIFA, He always is at my side to protect Me, and to proudly carry his American Flag and speak of the virtues of freedom and American exceptionalism,

ANTIFA hates the Second Amendment and its supporters, always showing up at Rallies to disrupt, start fights, and intimidate, ironically we have had guns pulled on us at these events, acid put on our cars, tires slashed, all for praising the rights given to us by God and written by the Founders.

Again, Mark can always be found carrying his flag, his Constitution, and standing with us, He recently went to an Open carry rally in Seattle Washington, a City and State that mirrors Oregon in Liberal idealism, and belief that the peoples agenda overrules the Constitution, Mark drove the three-plus hours north to Seattle and displayed an A/R 15 slung over his neck, the Media immediately descended on him to call him an extremist, militant, and worse, Mark never wavered, He defiantly and courageously defended our right to bear arms, never once pausing for a reflection of how it may look, or what a constituent might say, Mark stood there on camera and reflected what we all believe, the Second Amendment is not up for interpretation, it means what it says, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!

In the video included, I interviewed Mark so he could express in his own words his love of Country, God, and Guns, I believe it reflects what so many of us believe, live, teach our children… and fear we are losing, If we can secure Men and Women like Mr. Callahan to represent our values in the Government, I believe we can win this fight with those who choose to take our liberty and Constitutional rights away.

God Bless

Leo Stratton

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2 thoughts on “Meet Second Amendment Warrior Mark Callahan

  1. Kim Thorud

    Great article Leo, I have always liked Mark and have spoken to him at a couple of PP rallies in Portland. He’s got good mojo ✌❤??

    • Anonymous

      Thank you, He is very congenial, it’s genuine , I have spent enough time with him to know it’s not just an act, again thank ya for take big the time to respond ?

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