Stepping Outside Our Comfort Zone to Fight for the Second Amendment.



Yesterday I had planned to go sailing. What better way to spend a sunny day in Maine than being on the water?  I’d recently outfitted my boat with a bright new sail and was looking forward to a day of fun on the lake. Now that’s my kind of day.  Where I feel most comfortable.

But yesterday, instead, at 5:00 a.m, I got up drove a couple of hours to take part in a counter-protest again anti Second Amendment activists attacking a popular Maine sporting goods business.

Let’s be honest, not many of us like stepping out of our comfort zone. I know it’s not my favorite thing.  But sometimes in life, in order to get things done, that is just what you have to do. Guess it beats a sharp stick in the eye, so there is that.

Most of us work hard, have busy schedules, prioritize spending time with our families and friends, try to pursue our favorite hobbies when we can, as well as manage all of life’s other responsibilities. I know for me, if I’m not at work or with family, I’m doing chores around the house, and when I have a spare few hours or on the weekends I like to kayak or sail, or camp…and of course, spend some time at the range!

So, I’m pretty happy with my low-key life, prefer it that way, in fact.  I appreciate the simple things, and I don’t mind being boring.  I’ll be honest with you…the last thing I wanted to do this Saturday morning was to drive down to a busy location in southern Maine, and, at the height of Labor Day weekend, when tourists were choking the roads with traffic, stand on a street corner in a crowd in the hot sun.  My plan had been to go sailing that morning, but when our state leaders and other pro 2A friends had reached out, I decided to ditch the sailing and go.

Do I like crowds?  No. Do I like busy crowded roads and back-to-back traffic?  Hell no…that’s why I live in a small town in Maine.  I’m a pretty reserved person, and prefer the company of my family or group of close friends, and absolutely my dog, to going out and meeting new people.  Not that I don’t like people…but…no hard feelings…my dog is pretty awesome.

But the Second Amendment needs defending right now. Our fundamental freedoms need protection.  Like no other time in our history they are under pervasive, insidious attack on all fronts.  The media’s distortion of facts and an emotion-based false narrative are eating away at our country’s core values of freedom and liberty from the inside. Across the country, people seem more and more lulled into complacency or wishful thinking and naively seem to think that forfeiting our freedoms will fix the ills in our society.  Somehow, the myth that socialism actually works, in face of all evidence to the contrary, has regained traction.

So in times like these, staying in our comfort zone is not an option. Fellow patriots, we all need to push ourselves.  This is about something greater than any one of us. The Second Amendment is one of the most important bastions of our liberty.

I know I need to do more.  Push me more to step outside my comfort zone.  I know while it might not have felt like a great idea when my alarm went off at 5 in the morning yesterday so I could make the 2-hour drive to Kittery, that is was worth it.

We not only stood up and showed our loyalty and support for Kittery Trading Post, but demonstrated that we were willing to at the very least step outside our comfort zone for the Second Amendment.  If not us, who? If not today when?  The fight is real, the fight is now.

I am proud of all my fellow Mainers and people from neighboring states who stood with me. I am proud of all of you across the country, both in ROA, L1F, and other 2A groups who work hard every day to stand up, take part, and act. I would venture that most of us here would rather do a whole lot of other things than be active in politics right now, but today, right now, we are putting our country, our freedom, and the well-being of our nation first. Way to be, fellow patriots. We have what it takes.  Let’s get out and get this done.

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2 thoughts on “Stepping Outside Our Comfort Zone to Fight for the Second Amendment.

  1. Cathy Collomy

    I was there too! It also took me 2 hours to get there. It was a great day with great people! The only thing the anti’s accomplished that day, was to bring another 100 or so people there to shop that otherwise wouldn’t have been there on a busy holiday weekend! A lot of us there didn’t even realize it was going on until just a couple day’s before hand, but we still outnumbered them at least 4-1!!

  2. SJ Hulsa
    SJ Hulsa

    I remember when a patriot group i was in went to Harrisburg as a security detail when a large antifa counter-protest was expected. It was one of my prouder moments as a Pennsylvanian and constitutionalist.

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